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The E-350 Expedition is one of the most versatile aircraft on the market. Its five seat design coupled with industry leading useful load and full fuel payload means friends and baggage are rarely left behind. Its unique four door design, including two large rear cabin doors, allows for easy loading/unloading of people and cargo. The Expedition offers the widest cabin in its class (53 inches) along with superior cabin volume. Each individual rear seat can be removed quickly and stored easily, adding to the Expedition’s versatility.


This aircraft has such unique Extremely Short Take-Off and Landing (XSTOL) capabilities that it demanded a class of its own. The result of more than fifty years of evolution, the  P-750 XSTOL is the world's first XSTOL aircraft unmatched by any other production aircraft and sets the benchmark for ten seater utility aircraft.  The P-750 is Single Pilot IFR Certified (FAA) and in 2012 gained certification against ICAO Annex 6 for Single Engine IFR Passenger Transport Operations. The P-750 XSTOL delivers unsurpassed capability.


The CT-4 is a widely loved aircraft that has trained many of the top military pilots over the past decades.  Through the incorporation of modern avionics this aircraft has transformed into a proven agile and robust fully aerobatic (+6G to -3G) aircraft which remains at the forefront of ab initio military trainer aircraft. The CT-4 is a two side-by-side seater, single engine, low wing, all metal monoplane with fixed tricycle undercarriage that is able to operate in VFR and IFR conditions.

Watch the Multi-Role P-750 XSTOL