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The E-350 Expedition is the only true five seat cross-country aircraft on the market.  Its industry leading useful load and fast cruise speed offers over 750 nm of range with pilot, passengers, baggage and full fuel. While other aircraft must compromise fuel and range for passengers, only the E-350 gives you the ability to go the distance without making multiple stops for fuel or offloading passengers or cargo.

The E-350 amphibian is also the leader in its class for useful load and performance.  Not only does it out-perform and out-haul any piston amphibian on the market, but most landplanes as well. It is the only amphibious aircraft on the market that can effectively haul four passengers and baggage for long cross-country trips. Float attachment points are standard on every E-350, so installing floats is simple and inexpensive.


The Expedition comes standard with many performance modifications that are usually only available as an aftermarket upgrade. It is powered by a high performance Lycoming IO-580 engine which produces a best-in-class 315 horsepower.

The Expedition comes standard with an advanced STOL kit, which includes wingtip extensions, vortex generators and large fowler flaps for best-in-class take-off  performance and a low stall speed.  The Expedition has a relatively fast, low drag design. Its cantilever wing means no wing struts that significantly reduce cruise speed. The Expedition also has a large tail that offers excellent responsiveness, especially at slower speeds. Contact us for a full type comparison. 

Aircraft Useful Loads - E350 vs C182T
Expedition E350 1520 lbs  | Cessna 182T 1116 lbs 


The E-350’s true versatility is where you can use it. It is essentially three types of aircraft in one design: a comfortable cross-country cruiser, a rugged STOL high load utility, or a high-performance floatplane. Its rugged landing gear and STOL performance allows the Expedition to operate out of almost any airstrip. Every Expedition comes standard with float attachment kits, so the E-350 can easily be turned into a big payload, high-performance floatplane.

Choice of Engines - (Standard / Turbo)
The E-350 Expedition comes with the choice of a standard or turbo engine. Whilst both options provide exceptional power and performance for an aircraft in this class, the E-350 Turbo gives the pilot an even superior performance when requiring high  altitude, hot and high operations, high-cruise speed, and maximum range.