Cocumb Limited the official factory representative for Pacific Aerospace. The Aircraft are designed and manufactured tough, reliable, easy to maintain and perform where others can't. Principles are manufacturing aircraft that are not over engineered and are optimised for the need to do jobs. Cocumb believes in offering customers' the aircraft to succeed but also global 100% financing and leasing options along with technology to drive commercial sales.


The P-750 XSTOL is designed to get the job done and every attention has been given to ensure that it is a reliable aviation workhorse – there to get the job done and generate the maximum profit for its operators.

Quick turnarounds, essential for productivity, are facilitated by double rear cabin doors and a large single compartment cargo pod with a rear ramp enabling the XSTOL™ to be quickly loaded and unloaded. The configuration of the aircraft can be quickly changed between passenger and cargo roles within 30 minutes. All the standard passenger seats can be removed and stowed in either the storage compartment at the rear of the cabin, or in the cargo pod for quick conversion between roles on return legs.

With its low wing the XSTOL™ is easy to refuel. Pre-flight checks and refuelling can be carried out without a ladder, unlike high wing aircraft. Faster, safer turnarounds in bad weather.


The P-750 XSTOL is the world’s most versatile utility aircraft. This PT6 turbine powered aircraft has a unique quick-change modular floor system and easily removable role equipment, which allows the aircraft to be transformed rapidly between no less than ten distinct mission configurations.

The quick change, multirole floor allows P-750 operators to move easily between different role configurations to maximise aircraft utilisation. The different configurations include passenger/freight; agriculture solid and liquid; firebombing; survey geophysical and photographic; medical evacuation; skydiving; and surveillance, search & rescue.

> Sets the benchmark for 10-seater STOL aircraft.
> 10 minute conversion pax to all-freight - 3,900 lbs usable load for the next leg.
> Sub-dividable single compartment Cargo Pod with 1,000lb (454kg) capacity.


With its 150-hour airframe/engine inspection interval, the XSTOL™ has lower maintenance requirements than any comparable aircraft. The aircraft has been designed to be easily maintained and embodies over sixty years of knowledge and experience gained from previous models of Pacific Aerospace agricultural aircraft. These aircraft average five minute flight cycles with maximum loads and operate from remote semi-prepared strips in New Zealand hill country, all day every day. A tough proving ground.

By utilising well proven, reliable and globally-supported systems – such as Pratt & Whitney Canada PT6A-34 and PT6A-140 turboprop engines, Hartzell props and
Garmin avionics.

We constantly work with operators worldwide and ensure for European operators EASA 145 support is always within reach worldwide.