Finance & Leasing


With our financing partners as much as 85% of your aircraft can be financed over 10 years. This new Pacific Aerospace Financing model allows for off-balance sheet financing and full title ownership over a period of time between 3 - 10 years.


Our personal aircraft financing and personal contract leasing for Pacific Aerospace aircraft is designed to give maximum flexibility. Options are offered up to a maximum of 100% finance depending on security and a mix of balloon payments to reduce monthly costs. Typically aircraft are taken on a personal contract hire for a period with a balloon finance element which can then be refinanced. This gives full aircraft ownership in a 60 month to 120 month period. Often we are able to provide aircraft finance rates as cheap as 4%. 


Commercial aircraft financing and leasing options are available directly for Pacific Aerospace Aircraft. We often look at startup operations, tour operator funding, financing NGO operations and leasing for cargo configurations of the aircraft. Leasing with no deposit can be structured.  It is possible to structure leases which turn into full ownership with no deposit and payments close to $20,000 per month for a brand new factory delivered Pacific Aerospace P-750 XSTOL. It is unlikely you can buy a brand new Cessna Caravan or Quest Kodiak for $20,000 per month.


Cocumb's jointly owned company has specific funds for role modified aircraft sales into Government, Law Enforcement and Military entities.  As a global official authorised representative for Government's and security services we are able to finance and lease specialist surveillance, surveying, emergency and quick response force equipment hard mounted into the aircraft. The P-750 XSTOL makes an ideal survey and ISR asset with global financing and leasing options. Leases structured to department budget cycles being expenses rather than asset purchasing.

All financing and leasing offers are subject to credit approval

Contact us for a quick indication of lease-purchasing options on new aircraft